Tuesday, May 2, 2017

5 / 9 / 12 Volt DIY Guitar Amplifier Circuit - Powered by TEA2025B

Very cheap and simple guitar amplifier using the TEA2025B. You can get $0.99 for 10 unit of the TEA2025B IC on eBay.com where i got mine. This is my prototype demonstration on breadboard and it turns out not bad. The output sound is pretty decent for a small sub-speaker.

The clarity of the sound is obviously better than the recommended LM386 IC that people use for a small guitar amp DIY that i've found in Google. Dual speaker in the video is just a demonstration and it is possible to make a mono output using a different setup of the circuit schematic. For the time being i will stick to this until further improvement in the future. I would like to make this for real for myself so that i can fine tune the distortion and tone control. 

There will be improvement in the future for this circuit possibly with the addition of pre-amp circuit to allow controlling the tone and also alter the sound clarity.

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