Tuesday, April 28, 2015

York Air Conditioner Yellow/Orange Light Blinking Problem

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It's really easy to conclude something wrong without even trying to check or try something to solve a problem. This is what happened to my York Air Conditioner with the yellow/orange light blinking which i thought it was faulty. Most people are complaining about the yellow light after trying to press some buttons on the remote control without trying to check the air conditioner itself. Some others are suggesting to clear the timer using the cancel timer button or press it for a few seconds to stop the yellow light. While there are also suggestion to remove the battery from the remote control and put back before turning it on again. Probably it may work for some people I don't really know.

As for my case this is definitely non of the remote control problems and I am not willing to spend money to fix a blinking yellow light like that and living in a room that facing the sunlight everyday is really pain in the ass. Every night the heat emanating from walls where the sunlight heated up everyday and without the bubble wrap insulator it could easily heat up to 40 degrees Celsius during hot day. This forced me to look into the problem myself and after all it wasn't as bad as i thought. In fact there was no difficult fix or complicated situation to get the green light turned on and get back the fan to cool mode again.

So this is what i did:

1. Open Up air conditioner cover again as I did on the "Cleaning York Air Conditioner" post.

2. Shake a little bit of the black wires/cable as shown here

3. Tried to turn on the air conditioner on and off to test whether the Yellow light still coming up.

4. Then turn off completely the main switch

5. Put back in all the covers and turn on the Air Conditioner.

6. The green light comes back and it started to cool down as it use to be.

The problem could be the Sensor cable or whatever it is not functioning properly or maybe it kept the memory of the timer. So by shaking up some of the wires especially the black cable and turn it off by removing the plug from the wall socket simply helps to recover it. You can try this before calling the technician someday.

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