Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What is the best printer brand/model for CISS - Canon Pixma

Even though there are many how to demonstration to install continuous ink supply system (CISS) on any kind of printers brands and model on the internet. Actually the fact is not all will work 100% as expected due to some complicated circumstances from the printers. Example of complication issue.

1. Epson printers usually require chip re-setters. This is because Epson uses technology that detect the ink level and automatically prevent it from printing when the ink level is empty in its cartridge. If using the CISS will not increase the ink cartridge level because it directly flow from the ink tank reservoir, so the Epson require chip re-setter to prevent the printer from detecting the cartridge ink is low. And yet again not all chip re-setters will work perfectly either.

2. Printer's built structure - Due to complicated internal structure built of the printer making it difficult to place the CISS host piping to reach the cartridge. As a result the CISS ink will not flow smoothly from the ink tank reservoir to the cartridge. This is apply to printers like HP, Epson, Canon (Office printers), etc.

3. Cartridge built and ink - Not all cartridge is suitable to be modified for use in CISS and some ink like HP printers will solidified when mix with CISS ink. This making it difficult for the ink to flow out of the cartridge when it dry at the cartridge print head nozzle.

4. Other unknown complication also may contribute to the failure to install the CISS to printers.

So what is the best printers that work good with Continuous Supply Ink System (CISS)?

I have seen these in most of IT Stores and personally i have purchased some of these printers as well for my clients. These are the printer models that you can install CISS easily without so much complication involve.

Canon PIXMA MP145, MP150, MP198, MP258, MP250, MP238, MP198.

Despite of the different model name these Canon PIXMA printers are identical in its structural built and the cartridge can be easily modified even by novice home users. The cartridge ink also has no complication with the CISS ink and will not solidified if mix together. All these traits making these Canon printers sold the most in local IT store even until today and in fact sometimes out of stocks.